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Now that I've decided which Springs to put on my '01 convertible, I need some advice & experience from anybody running either QA1 adjustable, Koni adjustable or 2000 Cobra R struts/shocks.

One of my primary considerations is to get rid-of/greatly reduce wheel-hop while maintaining an acceptable ride.

I'll be pairing them with Kenny Brown springs, which are ~ 600lb/in front & ~ 800lb/in rear.

Cost is a factor, so I threw-in the 2000 Cobra R shocks/struts because I can get a set of them (2 shocks + 2 struts) for $425 shipped. I'd prefer to have a good adjustable set though, so if anyone wants to post where they purchased their dampers & list price paid, it would be appreciated!!! :D :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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