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When all else fails go back to the basics and/or beginning. I approach this as not assuming that I've done everything right when I get one that doesn't run when it should. I've told myself that before "there's no way that I did THAT operation wrong so it must be something else". Yeah right, I wish.

So lets see.... What kind of rockers are on this one? Fully adjustable or the factory style bolt-downs? If they're fully adjustables then I'd like a description of EXACTLY how you adjusted them. Perhaps there's a flaw here.

If they're the bolt-downs then we can skip the adjustment bit and go on to verify the dist orientation. The easiest way to verify number one-compression stroke now is to pull the number one plug. Thats passenger side front plug- I'm not knocking you, I've played and worked with SBF's for about 20yrs and I've been known to make a bonehead mistake like that :). Happens to everyone. Anyway place your thumb over the plug hole and bump the engine over until you feel air being pushed out. Now find the timing marks and rotate the engine clockwise as you face it to true up the engine on TDC. Now verify rotor position and correct as necessary.

If after verifying that the rockers are adjusted properly and the timing is proper it still doesn't wanna start then I'd start looking at the electronics. Do a code check. It might shed some light on a possible solution. One thing that frequently happens is a ground strap gets left off and results in abnormal sensor readings and can cause unusual symptoms.

Oh, and clean or replace the plugs if they're wet.

Good Luck!
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