I am selling my project mustang. It is a 1993. It was originally a 4cyl Auto. I have installed a 351W stroker, 383ci Fuel Injected V8 with a 3 speed Ford FMX Auto Trans. The car was running good naturally asperated and then I swapped in a 8.8 Posi rear end from a GT and haven't gotten around to finishing the brake job.

Eventually the car is going to be Twin Turbo, I did the rear-end swap and then stopped working on it during the COVID madness, and have lost interest.

I was going to keep it a sleeper, since aesthetics aren't my thing, but there are alot of good parts on/with this car.
The plan was to get the car running well naturally aspirated before installing the turbos, and it ran good before I swapped the rear-end.

First the motor:
A 1969-74 351W block
World Products Roush 180CC Heads that have been pocket ported w/ roller rockers.
All Forged Rotating Assembly with Eagle H-Beam Rods and SRP Forged dished Pistons.
Internally Balanced
8.89:1 compression so should be perfect for boost, I have the paperwork for the engine, over 6K invested

This has a Ford Motorsports EPEC race fuel injection system. It is a mass air system so it is easy to tune and has full datalogging capabilities.
Aeromotive 340lph fuel pump
30# injectors
75mm mass-air
AEM Wide Band O2 setup

BBK 351W Swap headers.
Summit Racing 2.5" full exhaust.

I have twin 70MM Garrett GT4294 journal bearing turbos that will go with the car. These are good for 850HP each but my plan was to run 1000-1200HP in twin configuration

Extra Parts:
I have a full set of NOS headights/turn signals
extra LX taillight covers
extra front passenger fender
extra trunk lid
other misc stuff, line lock, ignition coil. probably forgetting things.

My price is OBO, thanks for looking!