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Awhile back I had posted a problem with my car starting
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I did what all said Itook and redid the ground wire and all plus I checked all the teeth on the flywheel and they were all fine (thank goodness). The problem did not happen again for several weeks then yesterday bang all over again?? The only thing I could do to get it going was push it and pop the clutch when it was moving. From there the car would turn over that is th eonly way I could get it to turn over. What in the hell could this be? Could it be a bad starter? What about the Bendix (sp) It is like it is not catching but then why did it work for a few weeks after I took the things apart?

One point I noticed is I took the clutch cable off and was not thinking and tryed to start it. When I did that that is the same noise my car makes when it won't start (does that make since) So could it be something in the pressure plate or something I have no idea I am so confused and you are to after reading this I am sure :) Thanks for the help who ever answers..
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