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I have a 95 Cobra that I overheated and since then i put on a new water pump and the car runs and drives but it has what feels and sounds like a miss at idle
i replaced the spark plugs AND planned on changing cap rotor a wires but if that doesn't fix it is there a place in central jersey that knows mustang well to diagnose the problem
i am building a new motor and deciding to have it looked at first or just do the engine and have a good mustang shop install it and tune out the garbage stock tune that pulls timing etc etc
id like to take it to a shop that knows mustang really well and possibly tunes them as well
someon who knows sn95s reaqlly well and can tune them right and if i could have the same shop install the new engine and tune it

what cam are you guys who changed the cam out running? I have aTFS stage 1 from another engine is that worth using
car is stock with 410 gears and off road h pipe with flow masters and cold air inatke i wanna keep it stock with a little lope in the idle, its a weekend car and looking for cam advice from guys who have already done what im doing

also putting in new valve springs and having the GT40 heads looked over
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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