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ive used 2 stroke oil in place of engine oil on 4 strokes for break in with good results. usually two stroke oils are made of bright stock and the molecules are usually twice the size of 4 stroke oil molecules and provide better protection, problem is, it doesn't last long. its sheared down quickly but that fine, its break in oil and is going to be ran for a short time anyway and changed to 4 stroke oil. I broke in my 351 with amsoil dominator 2 stroke oil in the crankcase. also mix usually a 50:1 in the tank too. bitog has several write ups with 2 stroke oil and its makeup, as well as real world results of driving modern vehicles with premix in the tank who report long lasting fuel system parts and components as well as increase (small) in fuel mileage. I can't remember the brand of actual brake in oil that I bought to see what it looked like, and it looked and smelled just like two cycle oil. I can't remember if it was motul, or something similar, i'll have to find the bottle, ive always wanted to send it to blackstone to have it anylized and see whats actually in it.

again, your going to get all kinds of answers to this question lol, lots of repair manuals that i own for rebuilding powersports engines state to coat the pistons/rings/bores with two cycle oil, also to use it in place of K&N oil for oiled air filters in place of the actual product.

most think im crazy but thats fine with me, helps me from being bothered
i know this is slightly oft topic but here goes anyway

many moons ago I got into racing go-karts in the midwest. First season we had all kinds of engine issues. Rods out the block, seized, bunch of other problems lubrication related. mind you, these things are splash lubricated (no pump). Next season a guy told me to try some 2 stroke oil in the crankcase. Why not, already knew that I wasn't gonna get a full nights' event in anyway on regular 4 stroke oil. Well what do you know, 2nd place in the A main first time out. Next weekend, won. Tore the engine down for inspection. Nary a scratch anywhere, not on the rod journal, tappets, camshaft, block, not the crank, nothing not even the cylinder which was very unusual for these engines, they almost always needed work between events (rings, block, etc) Huh? Whatever who cares it works. Next weekend a WKA event in Indiana, had an issue with a clutch and had to run the B. Ran 2 stroke oil all rest of season in the crankcase and won the nat championship in 1986, again in 1988. It was just some cheap $0.55/quart quaker state general purpose 2 stroke oil, nothing fancy, the drug store had it and I could walk to the drug store and walk home with a couple bottles in a brown paper sack. Moved 650 miles South in 1989 and didn't take any of the go-kart stuff with us, nowhere to race at the time so sold it all off for pennies. Got into drag racing in 1990, got in with some bigger names in the late 90's did some C/E stuff (driving only) and some of my own K/SA, Super Stock, then got tied up with blown alk stuff and started getting the itch for the fuel, among others before hung it all up and went bracket racing. A wise man told me, once you go down the track in a fuel car, you are never the same again. He's right. It is a drug. An expensive one.

2 stroke oil works.
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