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Picking cat back exhaust

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I want to get an aftermarket cat back exhaust for my 2002 mustang gt, but I don't want that much noise. I'm picking between Flowmaster and SR Performance. I can get a SR new for $305 or get a used Flowmaster for $400. They both sound good but maybe is the quality that makes the price difference. I don't know much about exhausts but the Flowmasters look a little beat up. Just trying to get some thoughts and opinions


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Exhaust noise level and quality is subjective. Those flowmasters pictured are 10 series, louder than the typical 40 series.

If your car is a na bolt on car, save the $ and weld in the mufflers of your choice. Years ago I did that on a 02 GT I had. 40 series flowmasters just like what comes in the catback kit and upr x pipe. That car was probably one of the best sounding cars I've heard, assuming you like the classic flowmaster sound.
So the Flowmasters are just mufflers. And you recommend just getting mufflers instead of a whole cat back system? If the sound is similar and the cost is that much cheaper then ya might as well.
I'm not sure what you mean by "so the flowmasters are just mufflers". If you're saying you can by just the mufflers off that car pictured for $400, that's crazy.

I'm recommending looking at welding in any muffler of your choice to your stock catback as a less expensive option than an entire catback. A bolt on, na 2v won't make enough power to take advantage of the increase in catback diameter when going from the oem 2.25 to an aftermarket 2.5 inch kit. All bets are off if it's supercharged or has ported heads or a tfs topend.
My 94 GT has these from the previous owner. After I get all the real important work done with that car the very first quality of life improvement it's getting is different mufflers because f*** drone.
Drone is curable without a muffler change.

1 - 3 of 14 Posts