This car runs & drives : Short video of it cold start & driving:

Bumper is on the car

For sale, a FULL PI Swapped 1998 Mustang GT with following mods:

-PI Heads
-PI Intake mani
-PI Cams
-3 inch Cold Air Intake
-90mm Ford Lightning MAF
-2.5 inch upper intake tube
-2.5 inch cat-less H-pipe
-2.5 inch Glass Packs
-Custom 91 Octane Tune
-20 Gallon Fuel Cell /w foam
-Bosch 044 300 LPH clone fuel pump (1000rwhp ready fuel system)
-Custom -10AN return style fuel system with filter
-Custom Trans tune (4R70W in very good condition)
-3:45:1 Rear Gear (Stock is 2.73:1)
-Momo Corse T Frame Racing Seats
-Lowering Springs (Previous owner, I don't know how much)
-Hood pins
-New front tires, calipers, pads, ball joints & rotors.
-Serious weight reduction (All interior from dash back, racing seats, dry ice sound deadening removal, gas tank to fuel cell, etc. I would suspect the car to weight no more than ~2750 lbs on the curb)
-New front cover gasket(all three), new intake mani gaskets, new plugs, new wires, fresh diff fluid, fresh ATF

Mechanic's special! The car was very quick before it blew a head gasket. Something which is completely my fault, as I didn't take the new heads to a shop to get tested / decked when I did the PI swap.
I've gotten away with it before, not this time. Lasted probably ~200 miles, and I needed to leave Ohio for work before I had a chance to fix.

The car is garaged at a family member's auto body shop, pickup only. Clean notarized title & keys at the ready.

My misfortune can be your fortune. Let me know if you have any questions here, or email me at [email protected].