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thats strange , but understandable

I have a 2800 stal conveter as well, and the little problems i'm having, that i didn't experience before are these:

car shift ever time at 6K rpm when i hit it, but shifts normal below 6K every other time

i have some kind of lag when i gas it, it shift into a lower gear, then shifts to the next and there is a sort of lag before the converter trq's up and starts flying towards my redline mark.

for people that don't understand much about trq converters: when u put a higher stal on it takes a while to build up before it starts kiking in, unless u power bake it first to build rpm. I've noticed that when i punch it from a dead stop it has a mili-second pause before it takes off, wheras with the stock converter the stal was set lower so it kiked in right away
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