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KenB said:
It depends on what springs you are using. I'm using H&R supersports which are about 750 in the front and 280 in the back. With these rates, I have found 5 in the front and 4 in the back to be perfect. What are the spring rates on the sportlines?

I have the Supersports also, and mine are set to 5f/4r. With a typical Mustang set up, you want the front one notch stiffer than the rear. Also note that a softer shock setting will not necessarily mean a better ride. If you set them too soft, they won't be able to control the springs and the ride will be too bouncy. Unless you are drag racing, they should never be set to 1, front OR rear. I'm not sure what the sportline rates are, but try 4f/3r and 5f/4r and see which one you like better.

I'm an engineer for Tokico BTW. I do shock tuning and design on some our OEM applications.
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