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Passenger Side Door Mirror Issue

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I was driving to work and something flew out of the back of someone's car and hit my passenger side mirror. Thankfully the mirror didn't snap off but it broke the plastic part that is holds the Mustang flood bulb as you can see below in the pictures section. :crying2:

I talked to the dealership and they said they do not sell that one plastic part separate and I would have to buy the entire $500 kit to replace this $20 plastic part, here is the link to Ford's replacement:

Part Number: 17682 (it will not let me link you to Ford to show you the actual part)

Do you know anyone that can 3D print this stupid part or where you can buy it separately, so i dont have to either gorilla glue/hot glue it?

I have tried a few local places that sell after market parts, yet no one has any idea where i could find a replacement.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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