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Panhandle Ported Twisted Wedges w/ Ti Retainers, Ferrea Valves & Vic Jr 351 Intake

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Bump for a great seller - he ships fast!!!!
These the 170 old castings? What do you want for just the heads?

Whats your shipped price on the intake. Zip is 29501.
Pushrods are sold, still have the intake and heads
I had somebody asking about trading a Vortech for these, but lost the pm. I may consider trading the heads for a COMPLETE Vortech/decent maf/powerpipe etc setup, S Trim, T Trim, or a Procharger D1SC.....or maybe a used On3/HP/PTK/Quicktime/BG turbo kit of some sort. Fox body setup, maybe SN95.
Some interest, but not sold yet!
$1300 SHIPPED for the heads! Thats ridiculously cheap for the parts and port work into these!
21 - 40 of 41 Posts
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