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Painting frame rails ??

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Doing a little resto work on my 89 coupe. Entire bottom has been sanded, cleaned, prepped and por15. Painting engine bay. Should I paint the frame rails completely? How far underneath should I go?. Installing new coil overs, a-arms, rack, cobra brakes, and k member.
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Not apples to apples but on my bronco I’m using Eastwood platinum as a base coat then coating it with Eastwood chassis paint. Also using their internal frame coating for the boxed sections.

I personally don’t like por15. Onechip in it and it’ll start flaking off.
I've had good luck with POR15 in the past.I. have the internal frame coating, going try it out inside the frame rails. It can be messy from what I heard and read.
I went all out on under side of my car. View attachment 1098952
I'll be doing the same but the inside wheel wells
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