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Painting frame rails ??

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Doing a little resto work on my 89 coupe. Entire bottom has been sanded, cleaned, prepped and por15. Painting engine bay. Should I paint the frame rails completely? How far underneath should I go?. Installing new coil overs, a-arms, rack, cobra brakes, and k member.
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Depends on what your end goal is; full factory restoration or just a clean underside. I stripped my whole underside and I ended up using VHT chassis and roll bar epoxy paint. Yep, this is rattle can stuff but I’ve yet to find another coating that holds up as well under all conditions. The added bonus is the stuff is readily availability and should I ever need a quick touch up I don’t need to buy a quart of whatever, mix and spray. The Eastwood stuff is pretty good, but I like the VHT better, it’s got the perfect satin sheen.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts