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paint work?

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Mods please note: I am not looking for body shop recommendations, just trying to gauge what good services will cost me.

I am in the middle of shopping around for my Capri to get painted, and it has me wondering what others have paid for their paint work and what kind of services have been provided.

So, if anyone is willing to share the following, I know it would help me, as I am not too schooled on such, but perhaps help others as well:

- was the car stripped? full? partially? only scuffed?
- trim removed or masked?
- body work have to be done?
- was the car primed by the shop?
- what type of paint was used?
- did you change colors or stay with the original color?
- was the inside and/or jambs painted?
- under the hood?

Car condition:
- any prevalent rust?
- was the car repainted previously?

- dollars?
- barter?
- part cash/part services trade?
- when was it done?

- if you did it yourself, feel free to share any info, whether you think it was worth it, did it give you a new skill to then do for others? would you never do it again?
- Was it a full on resto?
- A show quality job?
- Driver type paint job?
- Who did the paintwork?

- Feel free to show any pics as well, I'd suggest maybe 2 or 3 pics to share, perhaps some detail shots etc?

I appreciate any info or insight. Thanks.
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