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P1729 Fault Code-4x4 low switch error????????????

Today my check engine light came on. I scanned the codes and here is what I got.
P1299B- engine over temp. condition
P0231 - Fuel pump secondary circuit low

P1729 - 4x4 low switch error???????

P1285C - cylinder head over temp. sensor

Does P1729 code seem really strange?

Here is the story 24000 miles no problems what so ever with the car. The car runs great before and after the check engine light. I have hit bumps and the car would die or stumble. My thinking is the chip was not getting a good contact or jarring it loose. Since I scanned the codes I did a koeo and koer test and it came up with some more codes; P1116,P1780,P1127 the only code here I might be concerned is P1780-trans control switch(TCS) circuit. Since then I have cleared all the codes.

Anybody have any input or thoughts?????
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