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Pimp is way better even the start up tune was night and day. Pimp claims you can run the AC without idle up but I couldn't get it to work without going dead sometime maybe with enough tuning you could but its tough I did get it so it only goes dead every now and then. To be clear I can make it not go dead but sometimes the idle wants to hang. Anyway with PIMP I can run idle up and use IAC and still have the nitrous on a switch at the same time you can't do all 3 with Megasquirt. PIMP is MS3 that gives you a ton of more options. To me 100% will buy pimp for now own.
Just ordered my Pimpxs the other day. There on a slight back order due to the crap going on right now but im not in a hurry so i have no issue holding off a bit. I need to find TDC and figure out my timing and i also have a annoying short draining my battery i need to figure out as well.
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