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After ordering my cobra brake upgrade kit this weekend for my 93, I realized I could not run thr R58 95 Cobra R rims on the back due to backspacing issues and the longer track from the kit. After getting aggravated, I realized maybe I could just use this as an opportunity to upgrade to 31 spline axles since I was planning on doing it eventually anyway.

Question 1: If I order the 31 spline axles for the stock length of a 93, but 5 lug, will they work with the brake kit with no other mods and will I then be able to run R58's on all corners with no issues?

Question 2: If the answer to question 1 is yes, do I just order "31 Spline, 5 lug axles for a 93?"

Question 3: Should I get an Auburn Heavy Duty or a Ford Traction Lock? I am leaning towards the T-Loc since it is rebuildable, and when it wears out I can always upgrade later if I want to...I have heard that the Auburns break often and then you have to get a whole new unit.

Thanks in advance....I really appreciate the help/ I want to run those rims....but I dont want to go out and get Ranger axles and new brackets on top of the money spent for the kit...just to have workable 5 lug 28 spline axles.

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