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"Ole - Red" and a FordStrokers 427 Dart Build.

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well here we Go !!!!!!! I'm finally going to start a new build thread....

a little back drop on "ole Red" , I did a "TFS HCI" build thread a couple years ago, other than swapping a couple engines and transmissions that's about the most I've done.

a couple pics, it actually looked pretty good when I was done with it.

it really only lasted about 3,000 miles , I never got the tune right and it started losing oil pressure, so I decided I was going to get a good engine somewhere??

and decided to start tearing it down about 2.5 yrs ago, about middle/latter part of 2012.


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That's pretty close to what I did. I used two throttle body ports for the fuel regulator, and PCV from one valve cover. The other V/C uses a filtered breather. I tapped the 1" carb spacer for an IAT sensor, and vacuum log because it was cleaner having those come off the back.

I just remembered my fuel vapor canister , and I've only got 3 ports on the 4 hole TB.

could I run one off the vacuum log maybe , or would that be like a big old vacuum leak ?
Don't you have an ECU controlled solenoid in the canister vacuum line?

The solenoid goes into the line between the canister and vacuum source. If you can't find the old one, I don't think it would cost much.

next I went to the parts house and got my vacuum line stuff , a breather for the drivers side cover, pcv valve for the pass side cover, and the hose's they only had fuel line for the 3/8" part about 1.69 per foot.

and yesterday I looked at my front end suspension stuff, it needs a front end line up, so I searched around and found mfe's home made stuff, made a trip to HD and got 2 nice 1 by 3's 8' long , and 4 L shape shelf brackets mine are 12 by 14" , the 14" will reach up past mid point of the tire pretty good , for setting toe. I got double so I won't have to keep swapping the board back and forth. it wasn't that much money.

mfe said on caster to set the strut tops to the rear as far as possible "within reason" so I'll check that as I drive the car.
and I got 2 bolts - 1/4" by 5" long I'll drill holes in my 4' level for my camber tool. and they had a nice digital pocket level for $40 , it measures in decimal points , that will make it a little easier to measure camber degrees.
I'll just use the bolts as spacers to get the level out from the tire/body.

and got a 5 gal can of high test put in the tank yesterday,:smile2: almost ready to fire that monster,lol

And it's really cold this am, 26 degrees about 7 am , only supposed to hit about 50 - 52 today, so I'm going to try to get all the little stuff done today, and it's supposed to warm up the next few days, I'll hold off on the startup for a few days, Almost there.
Maximum Motorsports sells a tool for setting bump steer that can also be used for camber, and caster! Well worth the money, most alignment shops don't do bump steer.

I use a pair of string lines and a couple of barbell stands to set my toe, if you're careful it yields excellent results!

Fittings for fuel rails often use a straight cut O-ring on one end going to the rail, and an AN style on the other end. Those threads in the fuel rails look like the straight cut O-ring style. If the threads in the rails are NOT tapered like a pipe thread, that is what they will most certainly be.

WTF is that screwdriver doing in that Allen key hole? :surprise:

Funny, I had a Ram clutch behind my T-56 Magnum go wonky on me, when I pulled it, it was actually the clutch disc had peeled about half the friction material off on one side. I replaced that with a Spec disc I already had, it's been happy ever since.

I have the full Spec 2+ pressure plate, and clutch disc, but there was a bit of vibration when I installed them, I figured there must be a balance problem with the pressure plate. The Ram PP, and Spec 2+ clutch disc has worked exceptionally well for me. Below are links for the clutch disc, and the full clutch.

SPEC Clutch Disk Stage 2+ - Ford Mustang 5.0L All 1986-1995, SPEC Clutch SFD483H

SPEC Clutch Stage 2+ - Ford Mustang 5.0L All 1986-1995, SPEC Clutch SF483H

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