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"Ole - Red" and a FordStrokers 427 Dart Build.

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well here we Go !!!!!!! I'm finally going to start a new build thread....

a little back drop on "ole Red" , I did a "TFS HCI" build thread a couple years ago, other than swapping a couple engines and transmissions that's about the most I've done.

a couple pics, it actually looked pretty good when I was done with it.

it really only lasted about 3,000 miles , I never got the tune right and it started losing oil pressure, so I decided I was going to get a good engine somewhere??

and decided to start tearing it down about 2.5 yrs ago, about middle/latter part of 2012.


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Good luck with the start up I hope everything goes well. I also have a Ford strokers 427 and just finally fired it up a few weeks ago. Can't drive it yet that won't come until spring.
Thanks Blk.snake I sure hope it goes well , man I'm almost there.
How did you run your engine in , not supposed to say break it in lol

My cars been on Jack stands for 3.5 years it's been a long time.

I'd like to run it in on the stands , get the timing and fuel right , let it warm up all the way and check for any leaks.
Do you know the right way to do that
I'm not really worried about a break in so to say breaking the cam in, with a roller cam it is not necessary.
I would advise pulling your distributor out and prime the oil pump, bring it up to pressure and rotate the engine two full revolutions. ( the first revolution allows oil to flow to all oil galleys. The second revolution is just to put it back into time before you reinstall your distributor, I even told one valve cover to make sure oil was coming up through the pushrods) with at least the rear on jack stands bring it up to operating temperature observed for all leaks under the car watch oil pressure. Once it is up to temp go ahead and run it from forward then reverse gear, recheck trans fluid and oil levels. Then restart and run through forward gears. Good luck
I would use a break in oil with zinc in it instead of a standard 10w30
Don't sweat it too much as long as you have proper oil, system has been primed, you should be good to go. In the old days break in on a motor was due to having flat tappet cams. With a roller cam break in period on the cam and lifters is not necessary. Flat tappet cams are tapered on the lobes and required that the lifters and camshaft be wore in. With roller cams the camshaft is a flat grind no taper to the lobes. Myself I would just as soon break it in the way I want to run it. As far as start up on your system I am using a Holley Dominator EFI so I can't say for sure on what you are using but you still need to make sure that your tps is calibrated properly also.
What are you planning to use for your boost control?
Lol! Too many pain meds. Reading too many posts.
Congratulations on the start up, glad to hear.
Good to hear that everything is coming together. And no, it is never done. Lol
I just came back from Florida Sunday and came through your little city. We thought Saturday, northbound, shouldn't be too bad. HA HA HA HA!
1 - 9 of 134 Posts
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