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"Ole - Red" and a FordStrokers 427 Dart Build.

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well here we Go !!!!!!! I'm finally going to start a new build thread....

a little back drop on "ole Red" , I did a "TFS HCI" build thread a couple years ago, other than swapping a couple engines and transmissions that's about the most I've done.

a couple pics, it actually looked pretty good when I was done with it.

it really only lasted about 3,000 miles , I never got the tune right and it started losing oil pressure, so I decided I was going to get a good engine somewhere??

and decided to start tearing it down about 2.5 yrs ago, about middle/latter part of 2012.


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I tied my t56 reverse lock out into the brake lights.
Kooks 2" to 3.5" collectors , I'll add a pics when I get to my desk top , the whole deal has about 1/4" clearance on both sides of the headers to the frame rails
I'm on the fence between some kooks 1 7/8 or 2 inch headers on my 427 with 240 cc high ports..Waiting for the pics..Also what is the pn for the kooks?
Mine is an NA 427 build, I was tired of not driving the car, so I just wanted something reliable, and strong enough to hold its own.

Freezy made the cam to make power to 6800 to 7000 rpms, also keeping street manners in mind, he didn't like the rear gear 327 , with the 2.66 T56 1st gear, may not be able to get into 6th gear much he said , so I'm going to see how it acts and maybe look to a gear change come spring time, it's never over is it, I'm already thinking about a complete rearend change out, mini tub deal, and 5 lug , upgrade the brakes next :smile2:

I have the same tranny with the 2.66 first gear. I had 3.90's and the first gear was still long. I switched to 4.10s with a 27 inch tall tire and the car feels great. You will definitely need to change your gears
Have you checked the ignition switch? My 86 would start but wouldn't stay running.. Turned out to be the switch in the steering column.
1 - 5 of 134 Posts
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