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Oil return line leak!

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Alright Corral, I’ve got a leak originating from the top of the oil return line. This is where it drains from the turbo. Looks like it’s going through the actual stainless steel braid close to where it meets the red anodized fitting after the oil warms up.

Anyone have similar issues? Any recommendations for a new HIGH-TEMP return line?

Also, it’s VERY close to the header crossover pipe. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Links to photos:
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redo the connection

or go to stainless tubing, leave the braided junk alone
So, I have seen some people running stainless tubing. Curious as to its durability and strength compared with the stainless braided lines. Wouldn’t you want some flex/give, and not a solid line?
your turbo is flexing with respect to the drain pan?
I doubt my turbo is flexing with respect to the oil pan. I’m just wondering why you see so many people going with stainless braided “junk” if tubing is the way to go?
requires a little effort to bend lines
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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