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Awesome thank you! I was worried I'd have to try to find another o2 harness! I was thinking I'd have to swap all the wiring from the 5.0 hatch to the notch, and the notch don't have A/C factory haha

So just plug the EEC 5.0 harness into the 4cyl's current wiring basically? (dash harness), and install the 5.0 cluster/EEC in the passenger side kick panel?
Late response but generically speaking yes.

5.0 swaps are pretty stupid easy on these cars. You can plug and play 99% of it, and for the other 1% most of anything being added/taken away has the correct mounting spots on the body already.

I suggest on the cluster to swap the tach/speedometer into the 4cyl cluster as a majority of the time the plastic boards are better on a 4cyl cluster. It's what I did with mine and it's turned out a lot better than a straight 5.0 cluster swap.
1 - 1 of 432 Posts
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