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OEM E7TE Heads, Upper Lower Intake!

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DISCLAIMER: I am located in Canada! This makes shipping expensive so I can't eat up the shipping cost :\

Just shoot me up some offers on whatever you're interested in and leave me your state/province zip-code and I'll respond with a quote for shipping. I'm not expecting much for them because they are high mileage components so your mileage will vary.

Everything is off a 1988 5.0 that has 292,000 km on it. AKA 181,440 miles.
I'm doing a intake, cam and head swap so I'm not in need of these parts.

For sale:

1988 OEM Aluminum 5.0 HO upper and lower intake manifold

No 5.0 name plate sorry!

" OEM 19lb Injectors

" OEM E7TE Heads

No pushrods are included, but you get it completely assembled. Valve covers are also not included.

" OEM Camshaft

" OEM 60mm T-Body(no pipe)

2 sets of working 1988 Hatchback rear seatbelts

Please don't hesitate to contact me by leaving a post below or messaging me directly with your concerns. I will post more pictures, the camshaft and the heads are still on the engine and will be removed promptly by the start of next week.


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