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OEM 1987-93 Mustang LX bumper cover in primer w/ header panel

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as stated in the title, im selling an oem bumper off of my 1987 lx, the bumper has no rips or deep scratches and is in very nice shape. I sanded it down and primed it with high build gray primer surfacer(high grade). bumper does not have holes where the mustang lettering is, instead has holes on the underside for license plate where they are less noticeable and just as functional. The bumper needs to be sanded down and should be good to go for paint.

The header panel is in mint condition with no cracks or anything, still stock color never painted, it has all new studs in it(just about impossible to get these off without breaking the original studs).

The crappy reproduction pieces that dont say mustang go for around $180 and then you still need to have the primed and you need to get a header panel. With this you get a high quality original ford bumper already primed and with a mint header panel.

Im looking for $175 plus shipping or local delivery/pick up is possible.
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price unreasonable?
u have a pm
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