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According to CarFax my former car is up for sale in Manassas, VA.

I am trying to locate the car just for my curiosity and also to give the details of car to another mustanger. You can't tell by looking at it has a totally forged engine, brand new tranny and many other things, all listed in sig with photos. It's more then skin deep. Engine bay looks pretty stock, but isn't.

Car should be pretty easy to spot, the only mod not on car that is in photos is Densecharger, everything else was sold as in photos:

2001 GT Convertible, Black/Black, Litebar, 01 Cobra seats, 18" rims, 34,000+ on odometer which is true, but that is not actual mileage on parts, but no one would know that.

The official actual tech part of this post is:
Do dealers strip mods off before selling modified vehicles? And how can you spot such actions?

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