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No fire!

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Question for you all. I have a carbed 5.0 swapped 89 lx coupe that was an original 2.3 car. It’s been swapped for over 20 years and recently it has developed an issue with it not wanting to run after sitting for a a day or so. When I first start it, it will run for a minute or two then all of a sudden it just shuts off. It turns over fine but has no spark. I can tack the distributor cap off and clean the terminals off with my pocket knife and it will fire up again and most of the time I won’t have any issues the remainder of the day. Other times I have to do this two or the times before it will finally run right. When I am out driving, I can feel a miss in the motor, but it still runs very strong. I am running an MSD 6AL box, an Accel coil, and the factory distributor. It had the same issue before adding the MSD box I have replaced the rotor button twice and put a new MSD cap on it as well, and still have the same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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