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i have a nitrous kit that i would like to sell. here is a list of what i have.
1. 10lb nos nitrous bottle with brackets(new style bottle)
2. nitrous express fuel solenoid
3. nitrous express nitrous solenoid
4. nitrous express purge solenoid (brand new)
5. 15" braided supply line
6. nos fogger nozzle with nut adapter
7. braided nitrous and fuel line (solenoid to fogger)
8. braided fuel line ( fuel rail to solenoid)
9. bottle pressure gauge with adapter (brand new)
10. 2 nitrous solenoid relays
11. 2 new relay wiring harnesses
12. purge button (new)
13. activation toggle switch(new)
14. 75,100,125,150,175 hp jets
15. coiled activation push button cord with quick detach plug in.
( this switch alone cost me $75 to make. it consists of a heavy gauge spiral cord, a stainless push button activation , and a male and female quick detach plug in to remove when not using. i made this up do to the fact you could not tell i had a nitrous kit installed)

if you would like pics send me your e-mail address to [email protected] or call me at 812-760-0305
i have $750 invested and would like to get $550 shipped to you. if you are local i have a full bottle.


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