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hey everyone i just picked up my 1971 Mach One Mustang about 5 days ago for 3,300 and was wondering if anyone could give me some helpful advice about it. I am very new to the classic car world and i just hope i came to the right place for some information.The car rite now is in great running condtion, here are a few specifications:

351 Cleveland
351-Cleveland 2V heads
Performer Intake
Holley 750 cfm carburator
Doug Thorley headers
Dual exaust with h-pipe
2 chamber flowmasters
Accel coil + elect. dist.
Iskendarien camshaft
514 lift
224 duration at 50 degrees
282 advertised duration
108 degree lobe seperation
FMX Transmission with shift kit
Hurst contender converter 2400-2800 stall
3:89 posi trac rear end
10:1 compression
traction bars

now i was just wondering about how much HP roughly i am putting out (comes bone stock with 285), what kind of 1/4 mile times i might be getting, what cars i should not be afraid of at all and which ones should i steer clear from, and most of all, what would be the next cheapest step to cut my time down, any suggestions? Any of these questions answered would be exremely helpful so i just hope somone has any information on these cars or atleast more than I do thanks alot guys n gals...AMERICAN MUSCLE

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I'd think about 285 rwhp. 340 crank.w/ real good traction high 12's
Cheapest way to cut ET is Nitrous hands down.I personally have'nt used a caberated plate set up in year but my old NOS plate systems were great .13 second cars in the 11's at the push of a button. Good Luck
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