Bought this kit back in August, 2020 to install on my 2003 Crown Vic (Romeo engine). Unfortunately, I had to sell the car before I could install it. The condition is brand NEW in box, with everything still in the packaging as it arrived from Tork Tech. See Mustang Supercharger Kits, GT, Cobra | Tork Tech for more information.

From the Tork Tech website:

Capabilities: Will easily make 400 RWHP on a bone stock engine and can go upwards to 525-550 RWHP on a built engine with a ported Cobra blower. Even higher power levels are capable with aftermarket blowers that are intended to be used on the '03/04 Cobra.

The Intercooled Terminator GT Kit includes:
  • A cast aluminum lower intake designed to fit the PI type cylinder heads.
  • On top of this lower intake there is a gasket and then a water jetted 6061 T6 aluminum top plate that a customer provided '03/04 Cobra/Eaton supercharger is attached to.
  • Our drive system includes an aluminum cross brace that includes a new belt tensioner with an 8-rib pulley for the new supercharger belt and several other idler pulleys. Your alternator gets moved to the drivers side and is also attached to this new cross brace. Your power steering fluid tank also gets attached to this cross brace.
  • A 7 inch diameter piggyback style crank pulley that will attach to your Romeo engine style pulley dampener.
  • A new thermostat housing that replaces your existing one.
  • A set of three new polyurethane engine coolant hoses that go from the new Tstat housing to the front of the new lower intake.
  • A highly efficient intercooler that will reside inside of the lower intake. This includes another water jetted 6061 T6 aluminum plate that mates the intercooler to the bottom of the customer provided '03/04 Cobra/Eaton supercharger. New inlet and outlet tubes for the intercooler are also provided.
  • A complete bolt and hardware kit is provided. The exterior hardware is primarily stainless steel for durability and to look visually pleasing.
I also have the following items available for sale separately:
(1) Used 2003-2004 Ford Mustang Cobra M112 Supercharger with plenum and boost bypass valve actuator available for $800 OBO.
(8) New Lucas 01D030B 42# fuel injectors for $300 OBO.
(1) New Bosch Intercooler pump 392 022 002 with wiring pigtail for $50 OBO.
(1) Used 2003 2004 Ford Mustang Cobra OEM Heat Exchanger for $50 OBO.