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NGK vs Bosch vs Denso replacement O2 sensors

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One of my o2's bit the dust, so before I run to the part store and buy something that performs like most parts store parts (IE: doesnt last long), does anybody have any experience or preference to a specific brand of O2 sensor? Denso's seem to be the cheapest, with NGK's being middle ground, and Bosch being the priciest. Bosch OEM seems to be okay, but the parts store stuff seems to be hit or miss on other forums.
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Tousley Ford sells brand new OEM 02 sensors for $34...thats cheaper than the crap you buy at Autozone!
Holy hell, he is that cheap?!
10% over cost! I thought everyone had heard about Tousley Ford by now??
The Ford OEM's are Bosch units also.
I know about Tousley, he had cheapest price on 03 Cobra shift knob, but wanted $10-$12 for shipping, which made it too high.

The Ford ones are Bosch, but probably higher quality than parts store stuff eh?
yup, OEM.

Luckily my dad is GM of local dealership so that helps a lot on parts.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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