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Alright, let me first introduce myself, since this is my first post.
My name is Tim, I'm a 17 y/o from Baltimore, MD. I have an 89 GT. It's pretty much stock. Click on the link in my sig to check it out.

I have a question about the timing on my car. I havent been working on cars that long, so bear with me cause this has probably been beat to death several times before.

I wanted to check the timing on my car to make sure it's where it's supposed to be. First of all, I don't think I"m using the timing gun right. I hook it up to the #1 spark plug wire, unplug the spout connector, and thats about as far as I can get.

The timing, IIRC, should be about 10 degrees BTDC, right? Well I havent been able to see the mark at all, I put some whiteout on the mark so I could see it, but I still can't.

If someone could explain how to use the timing gun properly, it would be great.

It's a crafstman, and has a "degrees advance" knob on the back taht goes from 0-60. That doesnt really make sense to me if the timing is supposed to be retarted. I'm clueless.

If someone could help and explain some of this, it'd be great.

Thanks in advance. Tim.

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what that advance on the time gun is for is if you mark your BTDC on your flywheel you can advance the gun say to 16 degrees and line the light up with the btdc on the fly wheel, than your timing will be set there.

to change your timing due the following:

clamp the timing gun to #1 plug wire, and pos+ neg- leads on battery.

remove spout connector.

start car.

loosen distributor hold down bolt.

shoot light at fly wheel and rotate distributor clockwise or counterclockwise to advance or retart timing.

once timing is where you want it, tighten distributor hold down bolt shut car down and replace the spout.

than your done.

Like i said you can mark the btdc on the flywheel to make reading it easier. advance the gun to say 14 degrees lineup gun now to btdc with gun light and your done
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