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So, post #1.

I own a 1984 Mustang LX 5.0 Convertible. Red/White top/Red Interior. 114k Auto Etc. Got it really cheap and have been loving it (well, since adjusting the top so that it seals).

I'm a member of the Upper Midwest Region Shelby American Auto Club since July of 2002.

I also own a 1961 Ford Galaxie, a 1965 Ford Econoline Pickup, a pair of 1979-1983 Mercury Capris (not exactly turnkey projects) and, until recently, a 1996 Lincoln Continental. The Lincoln found an untimely death on the inside of a deer in rural Minnesota. Deer and Lincoln aside, there were no injuries.

Anyway, thought I'd post up and say "hey". I've got a lot of infantile plans for my car that I'm hoping somebody here can help with.

Thanks a lot.
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