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Hello. My name is Terry. I have been, or currently am, a member on a number of Mustang boards. I thought I was a member here, but trying to reset my password said I wasn't. Hmmm. Whatever. I joined again (or was that for the first time?). So I'm "new" to the site, but certainly not new to the hobby. I've looked at several boards for active Fox discussion groups and kept finding my way to the Corral.

After having 2005 GT and selling it and then selling my 1990 GT convertible I've been without a Mustang for a couple years. It bugged me and I was longing for another Foxbody. So I bought a fairly nice solid '91 LX 5.0 automatic hatchback last summer.

So I'm here acquainting myself with all things Foxbody. I stopped modding my '90 back in the early 2000's. So much has changed in the 10 or so years since I hopped up my convertible. My understanding of what I want, what I can expect and what I can afford to actually do is a lot more grounded in reality now.

I've been reading a bunch of threads and I still have unanswered questions and theories I'd like input on. So I'll be posting some questions and thoughts in the near future.

I just want to do the first thing right by saying hello and introducing myself.
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