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New to building and need power adders for my 347

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I got a 81 foxbody carb that I put a stroker kit into a 69 302! And I’m trying to find out what heads to put onto it and if anybody has used that Holley efi sniper!!! This is the stroker kit that I got "ford-347-stroker-assembly-scat-crank-rods-wiseco-040-flat-top-ford-assembly" | Skip White Performance - We have the best prices you will ever find for aluminum heads, rotating assemblies and strokers
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Many of us use builders and guys to design packages optimized for our planned use of the engine. When I was desiring mine I went with Ed Curtis here. He’s fairly popular here and busy but if you leave a message he’ll get back with you to help you plan yours out and suggest best heads with a custom cam and intake for your needs.
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