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NEW: This forum is for the selling/buying/trading of FORD MUSTANGS in..

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There is a new forum created exclusively for the sale of other Ford non-Mustang vehicles (Trucks, LTD's, Fairmonts etc.)

This new forum is also for the purpose of trading other non-Ford vehicles ONLY for the swap of Ford Mustangs. No straight up sales. (ex. Trade Motorcyle for Mustang, Trade Firechicken for Mustang etc.)

This forum is located here: Other Fords and Trades

Questions/comments/complaints? :D

Please post accordingly! :joy:
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dandooz said:
On the next go around of revisions for this forum could you think about have a search by price.
It would be nice when looking at cars to search by the price.

Just a thought
To add to his suggestion, make it a requirement to list price and location.
No matter how many mods are on a site things will still get posted that are not in the correct forum or has language that is not up to Corral standards. All of the members can help by reporting these things and get them moved or locked. I will complain when these posts are not taken care of after being reported. So far, they have been dealt with after being reported. Dave88LX has been especially quick on dealing with the people making these posts. Keep up the good work Dave. Members contact the mods when something is posted in the wrong forum or has other issues.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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