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vortech can't handle do that at all.

We were running ATI the last few years and have a FFW S/O Championship with it to prove how good they are. They are very reliable and hold up under a lot of abuse.

Joe Robinson and I ran his car on the same motor consistanly for 2 seasons.. We finally changed head gaskets late last season to check the pistons and get an overall look at the bottom end..

Best blower we have used ever.

There were never any Vortech's even anywhere near the times and MPH we were running.. The only thing faster was one bigblock nitrous car and 2 turbo cars..

They all had reliability issues as well.


I hope you enjoy the blower as they are a very nice unit. Couldn't expect more from ATI..

2000 FFW S/O #01
2001 FFW S/O #02

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1 - 1 of 59 Posts
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