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New Massachusetts Inspection Sticker Rules

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From this article I read, it states that even our older foxbodies will be checked to make sure catalytic converters and EGR system are installed and functioning on the vehicle, on top of cameras being installed in the inspection bay areas. Does anyone have any first hand experience with this?

Here's the link to the article:
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The cameras are delayed until January because they couldn't get them running. My car isn't due until March, but I did just get my truck done. It's a 2008 nissan with cold air, shorty headers and cat back. Nothing is CARB stickered, and they didn't even look at it. Never popped the hood. They jacked it up to check for ball joint play but didn't go under to check for cats or anything.

I've asked two shops about what to expect for my 95 302 and both of them said the exhaust noise could be too loud. But what is too loud? It's up to the inspector. I haven't found a guideline. Currently I don't have a smog pump, but the EGR is still functioning. The 15 year rule still applies, over 15 and you don't need to pass emissions check.

It looks like they are coming down on the lowered/stanced cars and the lifted trucks. The new OBD2 scan is more intrusive for newer vehicles, looking for disabled emissions controls. If the OBD2 scan finds certain things you can get referred to MAC center, where they will find everything you've modified for sure. This is catching the subarus and evos.

I'm waiting it out, I haven't read any horror stories on the local facebook group yet.
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my mustang went through in July w/o a hitch and they are a pretty picky garage. I have magnaflows with an x pipe and they didn't say anything. My car is lower than stock but he told me there is a 2" tolerance either way. He said the crack down is more on lifted trucks/jeeps. they just jacked it up for the usual stuff and sent my on my way.
The biggest concern for the State is a front license plate. Also the condition of plates. Also mandatory imspection times. Can’t just bang them out anymore. As far as lowered vehicles. They’ll need to have your vehicles specs on hand in order to say it’s lowered too much. Same goes for lifted vehicles. Obviously anything outrageous is gonna fail, but for the average lifted truck it “usually” isn’t a concern. My friend owns one the busiest inspection stations in the State. The cameras in the stations are to monitor correct inspection practice and also see the condition of license plates.
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