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i just picked up a bunch of AN fittings and ss braided lines for my fuel system (weldon 2015, pro-m rails, paxton fpr, aeromotive and sx fuel filters). the setup was put together with the help of a local shop. anyways, the guy said that i can use ss RUBBER hose (instead of teflon lined hose), provided i keep the hose lubricated. and to lube it, he recommended putting a bottle of synthetic 2-stroke engine oil in the gas tank every other month or so. this really concerned me, especially since i didn't know how this would affect the injectors, fuel filters, cats, o2 sensors, etc. he assured me that it would be ok, but it doesn't sound right to me. i've also never heard of anyone doing this.

what do you guys think? i'm thinking of returning the rubber lines (if i could) and purchasing the teflon coated lines (and the fittings for them). please advise.

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