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Here's the quick history:

I had an 87 GT that I parted out in 2000. I sent out the engine to be rebuilt the same year. I got the engine back in 2001 ( I know ... the guy took his time) and have had it on a stand since.

This past weekend ... I began to work on my "new" 87 LX vert. Here's what I did:

- Swapped out the 302 with 171K miles with the rebuild
- AOD to T5 swap
- Installed my Flowtech X pipe and Flowmasters from the parted out GT

Here's what's concerning me:

The car is smoking. I've done some reading and I know that new engines will smoke for some time. What's the normal amount of time for it to smoke ? Because it's been sitting for 3 years on a stand ... have the valve seals (the heads were redone during the rebuild) dried out too much and are no longer good ?

The smoke coming from the pipes is white ... not a sweet smell but an eye burning smell. There's a coat of soot at the tips of the pipes (they're new). I've taken the car for a 5 minute ride and then the smoke is gone. Let the car sit for a few hours and the smoke is back for a bit. It doesn't seem to be taking oil or coolant.

Maybe I'm being a bit paranoid ... this is my first major mechanical endeavor by myself.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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