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**** Classifieds Guidelines ****
When you are ready to post your ad, please remember to include the following information:

*** Basic Information ***

1) A valid e-mail. This is REQUIRED for posting an Ad on the Corral Forums Classifieds. Failure to provide a valid e-mail is grounds for locking your ad.

2) If you don't have your location filled out in your profile (City, State), your thread will be LOCKED. Once your profile has been updated to reflect a legitimate location then you may PM one of the moderators, with a link to the page, to have your thread unlocked.

3) A phone number is a good idea. While not required, it will help you with your sale, and it will help keep people honest. For example, a potential buyer will be more comfortable buying from someone whom he/she knows they can contact, vice someone that only exists via an e-mail.

Also, as a reminder, the Corral Forum Classifieds are for the sale of privately-owned parts from individuals, and also for authorized advertisers. Non-authorized businesses who wish to post ads in the Classifieds should contact Chris Ihara ([email protected]) for rate information. Click here for advertising rates & information:

The title "Corral Authorized Advertiser" is displayed below the usernames of all businesses that have Classifieds posting priviledges. If you are an authorized advertiser and do not have this there, please contact Chris as your posts will be locked until it is there.

*** Guidelines for Ad Content ***

1) eBay merchandise may be posted in the classifieds with a link to eBay ONLY IF:
-Each piece of merchandise is listed from the auction in the ad
-Each piece of merchandise has a description
-Each piece of merchandise has a price (how much will you take for it)
eBay ads that only have a link to the eBay auction will be locked/deleted.

2) Post ads in the appropriate forums. Ads placed in the inappropriate forum will be moved or re-moved. Engine parts ONLY belong in the engine forums, drivetrain parts ONLY belong in the drivetrain section, so on and so on.

3) If you are parting out a car, please at least try to break down a list of parts per the correct forum. What this means is, don't just post "Parting out a '92 LX" in every forum and then have a free-for-all on parts. Break it down to interior parts available, drivetrain parts, etc and post them in the correct forum. Not doing so may cause your thread to be locked.

***Trader Rating***

We currently do not have a trader rating system like we used to but we do have an area to leave feedback, so please do so to help out your fellow corralers. Before purchasing something from someone, be smart and search for any information about them. Below is a link to the feedback area:

*** Fraud ***

Fraud and internet scammers will not be tolerated. We've made the classified feedback available to help try and reinforce good transactions and to weed out the bad ones. Unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen.

Here are some links to websites to help combat internet fraud if you feel you've been the victim of a scammer. Do not let someone scam you, use these links. Thanks to 'RobStyle for the links.

Information and Complaint Forms:

Better Business Bureau -
Federal Trade Commission -
Fraud Bureau - -
International Internet Investigators -
International Web Police -
Internet Fraud Complaint Center -
Scamhound -
U.S. Postal Inspection Service -

Information Only:

CCIPS of the Criminal Divison of the U.S. DOJ -
Federal Bureau of Investigation -
National Consumers League -
National White Collar Crime Center - -
U.S. Secret Service -

Zip Code Finder:

Reverse Phone Directory: (beware the amount of popups):

If you have any questions or comments about the Classifieds Guidelines, please PM Dave88LX. m65, Oktavius, or 03 DOHC and we can discuss it. And if you thread does get locked, do not take it personal. We are all here for the same reason, so lets enjoy the site.
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