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-Never Installed

-One of the more expensive kits Aerospace offers. I have a complete PRO STREET front and rear disc brake setup from Aerospace including a manual brake conversion kit. Below are the links that will show you all the details. All hardware that comes with the kits will be included.

(Fits fox body using 94-95 spindles)
4 Piston Pro Street Front Drilled, Slotted, Plated Brake Kit 94-04 Mustang (Hat Style)

Rear Pro Street Drilled, Slotted, Plated Brake Kit 8.8 Ford Housing Ends With C-Clip Eliminators 5 Lug 1/2" Studs

Front Brake Hose Kit For 7/16-24 Hardline Fitting

Mustang Manual Brake Conversion Kit

-This package will cost you $1,800.00 from Aerospace plus shipping. Check for yourself.
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Never installed this package is $1,800+ from Aerospace.
If you decide to seperate hit me up please, if not GLWS. good deal here
TooFast, thank you, and I will definitely let you know when I decide to separate. What were you specifically interested in?
If anyone is interested in part of this package let me know. I will consider breaking everything up.
I am interested. Gotta call Aerospace and ask some questions first. Mainly what is needed booster and master cylinder wise for a fox. And I guess all I need to bolt this kit is sn95 spindles and 5 lug rear axles? Not really wanting the manual brake kit.
Use Sn95 spindles and make sure you order c-clip eliminators because the rear brackets are for use with them. Not a big deal since you will be changing out your axels anyway.

You should buy an adjustable proportioning valve with a rear disc swap. Summit Racing SUM-G3905 - Summit Racing® Brake Proportioning Valves - Overview - $38.95
Any interest in rear brakes only?
What is the axle offset of the rear brakes?
Price breakdown at the top. Boxed and ready to ship out.
I'll take this......brakehosekitfor716-24hardlinefitting-1.aspx]Front Brake Hose Kit For 7/16-24 Hardline Fitting $45.00

pm sent
Interested in whole me beat price for everything
Yes, and I responded twice with no response back from you.
I never got them....corral must not have paid the PM bill lol
1 - 20 of 41 Posts
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