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I have recently been having issues with my motorhome chassis. I have changed six it seven things out already ( plugs, rotar, distributor cap, fuel pressure sensor regulator, map sensor, fuel filter, I am now in the process if deciding if I want to continue to change parts out because the alternative is to have it diagnosed at $135 per hour and a two hour minimum. I think it could be the vapor canister purge valve/ solenoid. And I just found out it's possible for me to get a code reader for it for like 30 bucks. The eec iv reader from the parts store. But what I think I need now is a list of the codes and corresponding issues it could be. And really any advice or ideas I could get would be very appreciated and welcome. Not sure if this is what this site is for just happened upon it. And an keeping my fingers crossed others have had similar problems. Let me explaine what the symptoms have been. Rough idle on take off slow low or no acceleration when pushing the gas pedal. Slight backfires in the throttle body or inside the combustion chamber. Won't really get any faster than about fifteen mph. Since I've changed all those afore mentioned things it seems to run somewhat better if can get it to go over thirty five it'll half way driver right every now and again. But very rarely.but please do let me know if my post is not what is sapposed to be discussed here. I'm new to any of these forums. Hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about. Thank you. ODDWOODDODD.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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