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Needing a Clutch Fork for a 93 2.3 Liter & other parts

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I have no idea why this OLD thread got canned but I'm bringing it back to life as I'm still looking for these parts. I'm not looking very hard mind you but I am still looking.
These parts are for a 1992.5 Mustang 4 Banger but I'm sure some of these parts were made for Mustangs & T-Birds from back in the late 80's. Let me know what you have and again, e-mail is the best option. Thanks!

#1 I'm looking for a Clutch Fork for the 2.3 Liter Mustang with the T-5. I'm not sure just how far back that they are the same so let me know what you have. A Part Number would be helpful. The "Spring Clips" that hold the Throw Out Bearing in place must be in decent condition.
#2 Also need the "Complete" T-5 Wiring Harness.
#3 Ignition Control Module (bolts to the front of the lower intake manifold just behind the power steering pump with little 7/32 bolts).
#4 One Piece Water Pump Pulley. I'm pretty sure 92-93 Only.

Pictures are a plus. Let me know what you need to get for these parts by PM or E-Mail (I do not text) at [email protected]

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Man a day late .
I just sold an 86 coupe , 4 cylinder car to a guy from California , no engine , but trans and bellousing , clutch fork were there .
86 was a duraspark ignition , so I am not sure about your description of your needed ignition module .
I will send him a link to this post , maybe he will be able to help you as he is doing a coyote
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