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Hi Everyone,

I just picked up a 90 coupe to make into a daily driver/strip warrior. It is bone stock except for flowmaster mufflers that is came with.

I have bought a bunch of parts, but I can't seem to find a definative cam to go with. The parts are as follows...

k&N filter (box style)
73mm c&L MAF (19lb injector)
65mm t/b
ported upper/lower stock intake (might switch to another later)
gt-40p heads with minor bowl work, exhaust work and milled .030
frpp gt-40p headders
offroad hpipe
flowmaster catback
3.73 gears
1.7 rr's
190lph fuel pump
NX wet kit 35-150
comp cam spring set (.550 lift)

any cam help would be really appreciated.


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a Stage 1 TFS or E303 would be cheapies but goodies...

also you'll want to upgrade your injectors from 19's soon
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