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- Rear suspension problems, need diagnosing help.

Ever since I bought my 96 GT I've been feeling something 'off' in the rear end, something suspension related.

Basically, when I drive the car, and more predominantly noticed when cornering or hitting a pretty solid bump... something in the rear just feels like it's sliding all around, kind of like a loose jerking motion primarily towards the drivers side rear, almost sounds like when a car is too low and you hear it grind on the ground, but not as severe a sound as that.

But whenever I jack the car up and check out the rear, nothing looks 'out of place' or loose, everything back there is bone stock. Was wondering if it may be some bushings going bad due to age? But wanted to make sure before I went and bought plenty of parts to replace crap back there.

Was planning on replacing a good bit of the suspension anyways, but wanted to prioritize on parts.

Anyone have some ideas?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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