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Need new harmonic balancer for supercharged 302

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I took a look at my current harmonic balancer and its looking pretty rough, definitley think it would be a safe idea to get a new one since I don't want to grenade my engine the first time I take it out.

What are everyone's suggestions for a good VALUE balancer. I don't want the cheapest or most expensive. Say under $300 what is the best value balancer I can get without risking my engine or bank account lol

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One warning on the Powerbond.
I usually use Romac, but on a mild build I am doing now, I put a Powerbond on it. Well guess what I found today when dressing the engine- the pulley mounting holes are not all drilled to the same depth, and the thread tapping they did was not at the same depth and not all the way to the bottom. This means the bolts I was using bottomed out on three of the four holes, just enough to touch the pulley on two, but the threads didnt go deep enough on one so the bolt hit bottom before it reached the pulley.

I could easily see someone thinking their bolts were tight but what is happening is the bolt is bottoming. This is bad in any situation, but imagine this on a blower motor.

No more Powerbonds for me.....
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