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Need new harmonic balancer for supercharged 302

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I took a look at my current harmonic balancer and its looking pretty rough, definitley think it would be a safe idea to get a new one since I don't want to grenade my engine the first time I take it out.

What are everyone's suggestions for a good VALUE balancer. I don't want the cheapest or most expensive. Say under $300 what is the best value balancer I can get without risking my engine or bank account lol

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Thank you, I'm intrigued by this innovators west. Are they really that good?

Also what is the significance behind the different crank keyways and like bolt patterns? What's a blow hub for, different offset?
Yes, they are.

The Romac (for instance) blower balancers have a thicker hub, and come with a larger seal. they are also set up with double keyways, becasue shearing one is not unheard of.
lol, I'm only reading deep in fear of buying something mediocre and costing myself more in the long run.

I feel that the performance will increase from stock since it's obviously not in its best condition. But I understand it's not going to be a night and day difference and extremely noticeable.

And yes I agree that things snowball very quickly talking to some people, somehow I'll go from wanting heads and a cam to some dude telling me that I need like 52 other things first, which makes forums challenging to sift through.
Adding a bunch of side load to a cast crank snout is not on my list of acceptable gambles. If I had a customer insist on it, he'd be someone else's customer.

So you don't want to put a mediocre balancer on a mediocre bottom end. I believe that all parts in combination should match. So ... if you're running a stock bottom end with a blower, mediocre balance is a perfect fit. ... (y)(y)
My demeanor is naturally sarcastic. Your definition is essentially correct, and the Powerbond is more than fine for this application.
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1 - 3 of 63 Posts