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Need new harmonic balancer for supercharged 302

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I took a look at my current harmonic balancer and its looking pretty rough, definitley think it would be a safe idea to get a new one since I don't want to grenade my engine the first time I take it out.

What are everyone's suggestions for a good VALUE balancer. I don't want the cheapest or most expensive. Say under $300 what is the best value balancer I can get without risking my engine or bank account lol

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FWIW I had a Powerbond on my SC car and it was fine, a little heavier than stock. Stock was 8.8lbs and the Powerbond was 10.2lbs. I currently have the Romac Gold on my turbo car. It was a bit lighter than stock at 6.6lbs. It also works fine. Unless you are going full tilt it’s probably not worth the money for the Romac Gold vs the Powerbond but they do sell a less expensive Romac (Red I believe). That’s my 0.02.
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