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Need new harmonic balancer for supercharged 302

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I took a look at my current harmonic balancer and its looking pretty rough, definitley think it would be a safe idea to get a new one since I don't want to grenade my engine the first time I take it out.

What are everyone's suggestions for a good VALUE balancer. I don't want the cheapest or most expensive. Say under $300 what is the best value balancer I can get without risking my engine or bank account lol

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Pioneer/Powerbond. But you leave no derails and there are half a dozen different specifics, regardless of brand. Internal, 28oz, 50oz, 3 inch, 4 inch, 3 bolt pulley, 4 bolt pulley.
I'm sorry if there was anything wrong with my post, should have clarified its a completely stock 86 so 50oz and 4 bolt. That's as much as I know.

I have no idea what size balancer to get, brand, bolts. Nothing. I don't even know what a blower hub is after numerous searches so if you guys could enlighten me that would be much appreciated.

I just want the most cost effective and best performing, whatever you guys suggest.

This is all you need

Thank you, I'm intrigued by this innovators west. Are they really that good?

Also what is the significance behind the different crank keyways and like bolt patterns? What's a blow hub for, different offset?
Are they good, yes. Will you notice any difference except a lighter wallet? No.

Blower hub on the innovators is a thicker hub which requires a different timing cover seal, which is included, but you need to remove the hub seal on your timing cover and replace it with the included seal. Which is a lip less seal and unless the timingcover is already off, installing that seal is tough to get it straight.

Put the powerbond on and continue to enjoy your ride.
Nothing is going to increase or decrease from the performance side, only your wallet. You are reading WAY TOO DEEP into this, but that is 99% of people in this hobby.
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lol, I'm only reading deep in fear of buying something mediocre and costing myself more in the long run.

I feel that the performance will increase from stock since it's obviously not in its best condition. But I understand it's not going to be a night and day difference and extremely noticeable.

And yes I agree that things snowball very quickly talking to some people, somehow I'll go from wanting heads and a cam to some dude telling me that I need like 52 other things first, which makes forums challenging to sift through.
Well then worry about breaking the snout of that stock crank and yanking out the number 1 main cap with that blower. You will not notice a single difference unless your current balancer has the outer ring slipped and its wobbling causing a vibration. Buy what you will
On the topic of pullies, and maybe taking this thread for a turn. I can't use the 6-rib crank that came with my Sci kit since I have a 93 cobra crank, so I need to get one of those all-in-one pullies for the serp and blower. What pulley do you guys recommend? I was going to buy the 8 rib package for my car from Vortech and have read that the 8" version makes the blower very responsive and honestly, I'm intrigued.

Open to all suggestions within reason of course. Not looking to push 18#s of boost as it is completely stock and the heads are obviously a massive restriction. Would the 8" crank put too much stress? Should I stick with the 6.87" crank from Vortech?
What is a 93 cobra crank?
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